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Lesley Leman - Leicestershire

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At a very early age I realised I could see people others couldn’t I didn’t find it scary I loved having friends from the world of spirit, it made me feel special, I was lucky my mum understood as she too was sensitive as was my grandma before her so it was passed down in our family from daughter to daughter.

I have been a working medium now for nearly 20 years.

I have worked in Churches here and in Europe and do various private readings also lots of psychic suppers as they are called, I am what is known as a Spiritual Medium, I use various tools of the trade including Tarot Cards, Angel Cards and Ribbons but always with spirits help. I love my Job if you can call it that, and do my up most to give what I am given by my Spirit helpers. I would say I am very dedicated to what I do.

Eves X

Eves X - Doncaster

Lets Be Spooked - In-House Medium

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I have always been a Medium from a very young age even though I didn't realise this is what a person seeing Spirit was called. When I was younger I would have a playmate that others couldn't see and would often be caught by my parents talking to my Spirit friend, because this frightened my family through their own lack of understanding I kept what I knew to myself.

Over the years I kept Spirit to myself and eventually lost my communication with them or at least I thought I did until 6 years ago where Spirit themselves made me take notice of them again through certain events that were happening within my home.

I have worked in the Churches but don't feel that this is the path I should be taking, I prefer to work with people on a personal basis as it gives Spirit and Physical the chance to spend time talking to each other. I do use various tools like Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball and Palmistry but I prefer to work with Spirit themselves. I love my work and I'm thankful to Spirit for putting me on this path of Light.

Eves x.